Wednesday, 28 September 2016

September Monthly Faves & Fails

This month I have five favourite products to share that I have been loving using recently, as well as two fail items that just didn't give the results I was hoping for.

The Favourites

1. NARSissist Cheek Studio Palette
I only trialed this palette briefly when it first arrived as it was just before I was moving house, and then I kind of forgot about it and started using my MAC contour palette instead. I found it again this month and have been reaching for it a heap, I love the contour shade in this palette and feel like 

2. Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder
I've been reaching for this banana powder to help brighten my tired mum eyes this month, anything that is going to help brighten my face after being awake all hours with a newborn! I have had this sitting around for a while now, and so glad I'm finally putting it to use. 

3. MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ 
A product that is nothing new at all, but one I've been depending on this month! I've been using this to refresh my face with and without makeup, to add moisture into my skin and blend my foundation as well as the usual uses of intensifying eyeshadows and highlights.

4. MAC Boldly Bare Lipliner
I haven't been wearing any dramatic makeup this month at all, but I have been loving this lipliner in Boldly Bare to add a natural colour to my lips. It's the perfect shade to still look natural with minimal makeup, 

5. Chi Chi Viva La Diva Lipstick in Sex Bomb
This has been my go to lipstick shade recently, it is one of my favourite picks for a colour to brighten up my face without being too dramatic and having to worry about it still looking good if I don't have time to touchup. 

The Fails

1. Essence Lash Princess Mascara
I've heard so many people loving Essence mascaras, but honestly I hated this one! I used it once and didn't bother again - the formula was super watery so it smudged everywhere, and added no length or definition to my lashes at all. 

2. Sleek Eye Dust in Dirty
I was super disappointed in this loose pigment from sleek, considering their eyeshadows are such good value for money. Even when used with fix+ I struggled to get a decent colour pay off, and found it was super hard to blend with so much fallout. 

What products have you loved or been disappointed in this month?

Saturday, 24 September 2016

In My Collection - Peach & Coral Lipsticks

I noticed with my blog posts I always seem to share my purchases and collection by brand, so instead I thought I would show my collection based on similar shades for comparison. I'm starting with my lipsticks collection, and all my peach and coral shades.

From left to right: Australis Cosmetics in Hustle, Australis Cosmetics in Make A Wish, NYX Cosmetics in Femme, Chi Chi Cosmetics Super Hottie, Chi Chi Cosmetics in Status, Maybelline in Shocking Coral, and Maybelline in Vibrant Mandarin.

I am loving seeing my collection swatched side by side, and I'm super surprised to see so far that I don't have too many dupe shades - although we haven't reached red or nude shade lipsticks yet! 

Stay tuned for more of my collection soon! Are there any products you would love a peek into?

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Updated Maybelline Colour Tattoo Collection

It's been a long time since I've done an updated Maybelline Colour Tattoo Collection and swatches, and I've acquired quite a few new shades since my previous posts.

Although I do prefer the MAC Cosmetics Paint Pots over the Colour Tattoos overall, I do think they are an excellent affordable alternative especially for shades I won't use on a regular rotation. I find they are great to use as a base under eyeshadows to create a more opaque colour, as well as increase longevity of wear.

I love that some of my more recent additions to my collection are matte shades, as the Colour Tattoos do seem to heavily favour metallic shimmer finishes overall. Even better is the addition of a black shade, which is perfect for when creating a heavy smokey eye!

If you are yet to trial using a cream eyeshadow as a base for eye makeup, I recommend you pick up one of these to trial and see how you like rather than using an eye primer. My favourite shades from my collection include Barely Branded, Creamy Beige, Bad to the Bronze, and Pomegranate Punk.

The Maybelline Colour Tattoos retail for $11.95 each, for more information please visit

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

September Empties

This month I have a lot of beauty product empties! I haven't been using up a whole lot of makeup items as I've been sticking to the basics, but all my staple beauty care items have been getting a workout as per usual!

1. LUSH Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly
I always have a tub of LUSH Shower Jelly in my shower. It is a product that lasts forever, and as well as my toddler loving to steal it, it's also perfect for travel because it is small and no risk of leaking. I already have another tub of this in my shower so it's a product I will repurchase.

2. Girlz Only Brunette Dry Shampoo
A pretty huge staple in any new mum's beauty routine, it's no wonder this is included in my empties this month. I find this is just as good as more expensive dry shampoos I have used, and costs only about $3 a can from Target. I've already repurchased a few cans of this to have stocked up in my bathroom cupboard.

3. Essence Lash Princess Mascara
This is a product I actually haven't totally emptied, but I'm adding it into this months collection to toss as it really did nothing for me. The formula was really watery and only really served the purpose of tinting my lashes, but smudged often due to the wet consistency. I won't bother repurchasing this mascara.

4. Nutrimetics Hydrafinity Cleansing Gel
I purchased this face cleanser off my mum when she became a Nutrimetics rep, as I haven't had too much experience with their products. I found it to be quite good and effective, and it took me quite a while to finish the entire tube as you don't need alot of product. I won't be repurchasing this product anytime soon, but only because I already have several other cleansers waiting to be used.

5. Colgate Max White One Mouthwash
A pretty basic empties product but none the less still important, although I didn't really notice a difference in the whiteness if my teeth, I will likely repurchase because I like that the taste and strength of this mouthwash wasn't over powering, but still left a fresh feeling after use.

6. Loreal True Match Foundation
This is a foundation that is on regular rotation in my collection, and I usually repurchase in Priceline's makeup sales. It has a good amount of coverage and sits nice on the skin, as well as having a nice colour match for my skin tone.

7. LUSH BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask
My total favourite face mask from LUSH, I'm always super sad when this product runs on. On the plus side though - it is an extra empty pot to return to LUSH to receive a face mask for free! I will be repurchasing this mask next time I head into a store.

8. MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara
I got this sample mascara from my recent MAC order, and have been testing it out this month. I really quite liked it and I would purchase this mascara in the future when I need a new one. I was also pretty impressed with how long the sample actually lasted.

9. Rexona Hypo-allergenic Deodorant
Another super basic empty product for this month, but essential all the same! I was pretty happy with this Rexona deodorant and would repurchase again in the future.

What products have you emptied this month? Were they worth the purchase or will you not be adding them to your collection again?

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Updated Makeup Geek Palette - Shimmers

My Makeup Geek Collection is forever growing, so I thought it was only fitting to do an updated version of what's in my Zpalette.

If you have missed my previous reviews and updates of my Makeup Geek Collection, you can view them here.

I've now started splitting my Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans over two palettes so that I can separate them into shimmer and matte shades.

My shimmer palette is complete (at least until my next order when I need to start a new palette), so I thought I would share with you all the shades I have in it, complete with swatches!

Top row, swatched left to right over an eye primer

Second row, swatched left to right over an eye primer

Third row, swatched left to right over an eye primer

Fourth row, swatched left to right over an eye primer

Fifth row, swatched left to right over an eye primer

For more information, please visit the Makeup Geek website.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Chi Chi Cosmetics Viva La Diva Lipstick Sets Part 2

I did a post a while back on the Chi Chi Cosmetics Viva La Diva Lipsticks I owned, and how impressed I was with the quality and shade selections. If you missed that post, you can view it here and here. If you missed Part One of these lipstick sets, you can view it here.

As part of the 2015 Christmas Gift Pack Collections, Chi Chi released two limited edition Viva La Diva Lipstick packs, each containing four shades. I picked up both sets as I couldn't go past adding to my collection and they worked out to be such good value.

Luckily the lipstick shades released in the sets weren't any shades I already owned, so it worked out great as it was on my wishlist to collect a few more of these!

The second set released is named Red Berry Hot Pink Purple, designed for those who like brighter shades of Lipstick. The set contains the shades Glamazon - a blue based pink, Lady Bump - a bright purple berry, Countess - a raspberry red, and Hot Mamma - a bright orange red.

I love the formula of these lipsticks - they contain Vitamin E so are really lovely to wear and not at all drying, and have really good colour pay off. I'm quite a liquid lipstick fan these days so to be honest I find myself only really reaching for my Chi Chi or Mac Lipsticks to wear recently.

The lipsticks retail for $17.95 each, or in the set for $38. For more information visit

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Monthly Faves & Fails

This month I have five favourite products to share that I have been loving using recently, as well as two fail items that just didn't work the way I had hoped.

The Favourites

1. The Body Shop Lightening Shade Adjusting Drops
I never realize that it is possible for me to get even paler in colouring, until mid winter rolls around and my foundation starts to get a little harder to blend. I have been loving using these shade adjuster drops from the Body Shop recently, as it means I haven't had to repurchase foundation, and have even been able to start using up some foundations in my collection that I just couldn't make the colouring work for me previously.

2. Poni Cosmetics Brow Magic Brow Pencil
I have been doing my best to reshape my eyebrows recently as they were just looking much too thin, which means I've been needing to fill in quite a few gaps in my brows in the awful in between stage. I've been using this brow pencil on days where I'm not wearing a full face of makeup and brow pomade, as the colouring is super natural and it does an awesome job at filling in gaps while not giving a super dramatic result. 

3. LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub
This product is pretty much a favourite of mine all year round, but being the middle of winter currently here and lots of colds going around our house, I have been using a fair amount of this lip scrub to ensure my lips stay in nice condition and don't get cracked and chapped.

4. MAC Cosmetics Contour & Sculpt Yourself Palette 
With a baby on the way, I have been on lockdown with most of my makeup shopping recently, but knew I had to get my hands on this palette when I first heard of it being released. I have really been loving this palette recently, the contour shade just seems to work really well with my skin tone and it is nice just being able to reach for a single palette when getting ready quickly, and knowing that I love all of the options I have.

5. Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Lipbalm in Oh! Orange!
I haven't been wearing too many lip products recently due to being sick and trying to keep my lips from drying out, so I have been loving applying a little of this lipbalm to bring a little colour to my lips. It's perfect for giving just a slight tint, and adds a little moisture too. 

The Fails

1. MAC Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Ebony
MAC Cosmetics are generally a fairly good company all round, and it's pretty rare of me to really dislike one of their products, however I really don't love this eyeliner pencil. The pencil is super hard, so you have to push quite firmly to get a decent colour payoff which I don't like at all. 

2. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer 
I ran out of the concealer that I was normally using for everyday wear, so I picked this one up on sale. Although it is not totally awful, I don't find it too impressive either. I find it lighter coverage than I would like, as well as having a bit of a problem with creasing under my eyes. Overall I won't bother repurchasing it again. 

What products have you been loving or disliking this month?